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Striving for the best of both worlds – In Clinic vs. In Community Therapy

Health 2 You have a mission to ‘bring health & care to where people most need it’ and for a number of years we have thought this to be in people’s homes and in the community.  However, recently and from feedback from our clients and team we’ve been thinking about this, the concept of ‘home healthcare’ and the value of care delivered in a clinic setting or in the community setting. It’s been a pleasure to see amazing outcomes from our clients in the community space. As a team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Speech Pathologists and Allied Health Assistant’s working in the Disability and Aged Care we get to be inspired every day on the amazing things our clients achieve in the community. 

Although as health professionals we also know the value of delivering care in an in-clinic setting. The ability to have therapeutic equipment and resources to help specific clinical needs certainly adds value to someone’s healthcare journey. After many discussions around whether in-clinic therapy or in-community therapy is better, we began asking ourselves how could we create the best of both worlds? 

The ability to deliver the specificity that can come from in-clinic therapy and the real-world application of in home/community therapy. In an ideal world and where we will now aspire to is to create a Health 2 You ‘Home’. A home where we can infuse in-clinic therapy equipment, resources and condition tailoring but within a home setting. Inviting our clients into our ‘home’ to show them what we can do and further in their home’s is our goal. 

Nonetheless, to take a step towards this we are excited that after 2 years of doing in-home and in-community healthcare, we will now begin doing the best of both worlds with the addition of in-clinic care. We have gained a site in Epping (with more to come) and are working to now offer our clients the ability to come to us in our clinic for a therapy session and we will continue to deliver care in their homes and community. Rather than 2 sessions in the community, we can now work with the best of both worlds of treating our clients in a clinic environment and then transferring this into the community for the following session. This best of both worlds ability we are already seeing enhancing client therapy, care and outcomes. 

It’s really exciting for us now to offer our team the variety of in-clinic and in-community work and hear the benefits this is creating for our clients towards their goals as we continue to work towards our goal of infusing in-home and in-clinic care and welcoming our clients to the Health 2 You home of the future. For now, though, we are really excited to welcome them to our new clinic home as we are welcomed into their home.

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